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2011-02-07 10:50:30 by Race109

I beat it! :D on monday february 7 2011 at 10:30 am i beat super mario galaxy 2

all the stars!

all the levels!

all the worlds!

i beat it!


2011-02-06 09:22:31 by Race109

Free cartoons!

that's the site and it has cool suff like:

Wolverine and the X-Men, Iron Man Armored Adventures, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Transformers/Energon/Armada,Digimon,
Teen Titans, Star Wars: The Clone Wars,
Spectacular Spiderman, Sonic X, Pokemon/Movies/Seasons 1-8. +more!

p.s. i am not a bot of the site and i don't run it or get payed by it


2011-01-26 13:12:02 by Race109

Ok so I changed a thing or two on my page and added more art, go check it out,

and this time a Who song

can you check out my art please?

2010-11-06 21:13:43 by Race109

So as i said up there, i need my art to be scouted so how bout it?

and i might as well post a clash tuneThe Clash - (White Man) In Hammersmiths Palais,
so please help me with my art (<~~ the link) so yea

So i'm on Newgrounds!

2010-11-05 18:19:25 by Race109

yes siree bob i am, so now to play THE CLASH!
the clash-straight to hell
(i'm a fan of them). Also you can Check out my Art If you want to.So it's the end
of my first blog,bye